Fee Structures for 2019

Fee Structure Full day up to 6 hours Full day over 6 hours
Under two year old $50.75 $60.90
Over two year old $47.70 $58.87

All fees are to be paid weekly.


Minimum booking time per day is 6 hours, When booking a full day over six hours, availability at both the start of the day and the end of the day is dependent on staff: child ratios and the number of spaces available at those times. We cannot guarantee a full nine hour day is available at the time of booking as we are committed to ensuring that children are offered high quality care and education at all times.

Massey University students (current student ID must be produced) are eligible for a special enrolment period where fees are not charged during official University semester breaks.

Statutory Holidays & Christmas Break

Statutory holiday fees are charged at 100% during Centre opening period.

No fees are charged when the Centre closes for two weeks over the Christmas/New Year period.

20 Hours ECE

Massey Child Care Centre is part of the Governments 20 Hours Subsidy on ECE Fees Programme.
This policy was introduced by the Government in 2007 and is aimed at increasing participation in teacher-led services by reducing the cost barrier to families. Under this policy, Government funds up to 6 hours per day and up to 20 hours of ECE per week for 3, 4 and 5 year olds. The minimum booking for children claiming 20 hours ECE funding is 24 hours per week.

This means that the first 20 hours of attendance per week are free for parents.

Quick facts about the subsidy:

  • Up to 20 hours per week for 3, 4 and 5 year olds
  • Up to 6 hours per day
  • WINZ childcare subsidy can be claimed for hours not covered by 20 Hours ECE
  • Parents choose which days the 20 Hours ECE will be allocated to
  • An Attestation Form must be completed and signed for each child receiving 20 Hours ECE (this form needs to be changed and signed any time changes are made to childcare arrangements that affect the 20 Hours ECE)
  • If your child attends multiple services, you can only use 20 Hours across these ECE services
  • Your 20 Hours ECE subsidy will ceases if your child has 3 weeks of continuous absence. Full fees will be payable unless agreed in writing prior to the event

For more information visit the Ministry of Education's website http://parents.education.govt.nz/early-learning/early-childhood-education/20-hours-ece-2/

WINZ Childcare Subsidies

Parents/Caregivers may qualify for a WINZ subsidy. To find out more about this go to the childcare subsidy page on the WINZ website. www.workandincome.govt.nz/individuals/a-z-benefits/childcare-subsidy.html

We are happy to give you more information on your entitlements and how to apply for them

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