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Urban Rogaine 2019

Urban Rogaine


Rogaine is an event that involves navigation, strategy and teamwork and caters for a wide range of competitors, from family groups to elite athletes who choose their own challenge to match their abilities and experience.

This family event will be 1½ hours long exploring the known and unknown spots of the University and its surroundings.

Teams of two or three are given maps of the area, complete with circles indicating the location of checkpoints. Teams visit as many checkpoints as they can within the 1½ hour period. Checkpoints are described by clues and have different values [points] ascribed to them. After 1½ hours everyone converges at the start/finish point to compare notes and see how they have done or collect a spot prize.

Teams can consist of:
2 or 3 people (5+years) OR
2 adults and 2 children (5-13 years)

Registration fee:
$30.00 per team (if prepaid by 22nd February)
$35.00 per team on the day (cash only)
Children under 5 no charge.

To register:
Click here.

Please email if you have any questions.

Payment methods:
Cheques can be made out to Massey Child Care Centre or you can pay by internet banking
02 0630 0432035 00 (use your name as a reference please), EFTPOS is available at reception.
On the day registrations are available with cash only payments.