Young Children's Programme

Community of Researchers Programme

The Community of Researchers (COR) programme has been researched and developed by the Kiwi and Kea Section teaching teams and is unique to Massey Child Care Centre.

The COR programme has strong theoretical links to an Italian educational philosophy of learning known as the Reggio Emilia approach. The notion of a learning community, where the environment is rich in provocations and where knowledge is constructed between the teacher, child, family and community are central to the Reggio philosophy.

The COR programme has a strong emphasis on the development of responsive, reciprocal, respectful, working partnerships being built between children, teachers, parents/whanau and members of the wider community. Opportunities are created for children to actively engage in investigative endeavours and children’s dispositions to enquire are fostered. The children’s desires to want to know, their confidence to explore, and the skills and strategies to become life long learners is fostered. Authentic learning opportunities provide the children with real tools and resources for them to explore, experiment and creatively express themselves.

Both individual or group investigations are collaboratively developed by children, teachers and parents/whanau, based on children’s emerging interests and they are supported to develop the skills required to set investigation questions and learn how to find answers to their questions. Children have opportunities to seek knowledge, theories and understanding from a diverse range of resources such as trips into the community, visits to the library, visitors to the centre, research on the internet, etc.

Teachers prepare the environment with provoking resources and experiences which further support and extend children’s investigations. Through communication, exploration and creative expression children share their learning and development, which is documented and celebrated on wall displays, slide shows, video footage and in children’s profiles.
Children are encouraged to share and celebrate their learning with their family/whanau, friends, peers and teachers. The children develop the ability to transfer, communicate and build upon their learning in different environments. Children are able to bring or share special treasures, events, new skills, emerging interests, or discoveries from home and we celebrate and extend on this learning in the centre.

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