Our Team

The team at Massey Child Care Centre consists of approximately 33 staff.

Centre Manager: Alison Angel

Young Childrens Curriculum Leader: Karen Laird

Infant and Toddlers Curriculum Leader: Raewyne Bary

Office Administrator: Helen Eades

Kiwi Manager: Susan Clare
Kiwi Team Leader: Cat Parker
Kiwi Teaching Team: Michelle Moore, Tessa Putze, David Mouat, Simone Dawson
Kiwi Auxiliary Support: Michelle Koolen

Kea Team Leader: Tommy Harvey
Kea Teaching Team: Barbara Puklowski, Ngaire Taal, Claire Devito, Danielle Macdonald
Kea Auxiliary Support: Anotida Dube

Tui Team Leader: Kim Putze
Tui Teaching Team: Helène Davies, Kathleen Elsmore, Sophie Smith, Kea Knudson
Tui Auxiliary Support: Gemma Storey (Parental Leave)

Hoiho Team Leader: Caryn Deans
Hoiho Teaching Team: Monika Charlton, Michelle Cheer, Kasey Sanders, Renee Johnson, Dannika Peel
Hoiho Auxiliary Support: Angela Shailer

Over 90% of the teaching team at Massey Child Care Centre are qualified and certified Early Childhood teachers in New Zealand.