What's Included?

What does the Centre provide?As well as care and education, the Centre provides all bibs, face cloths, sunscreen, baby wipes, tissues, filtered water, under blankets, sheets, blankets.
What do I need to provide?You are responsible for providing any food and milk your child may need throughout the course of their day. A couple of complete changes of named clothing and enough nappies for the time they spend here. Appropriate clothing, including hats, for year round outdoor exploration.
Am I able to continue to breastfeed my child when they start at your Centre?Yes. The Centre will support you in every way that it can in order for you to continue to breastfeed. We can ring, text or email you when your child may need feeding or you can arrange specific times with your child's key teacher.
Can we use cloth nappies at the Centre?Yes. You will just need to ensure you also provide a fully sealable, waterproof container or bag for used nappies to go in.

Fees and Hours

How much does it cost?Depending on how many hours and days your child attends, the cost is between $100 - $300 per week. Please contact the Centre for more information.
What hours are you open?You can drop off from 7.45am and must pick up by 5.15pm in Palmerston North or 5.30pm in Albany.
Do you offer 20 Hours ECE for 3, 4 and 5 year olds?Yes, we do.
Do we still have to pay if our child is away sick or on holiday?Yes, you are still required to pay.


What educational programmes do you offer?The Palmerston North Centre follows an Attachment Based Learning (ABL) programme for Infants and Toddlers, and a Community of Researchers programme for Young Children.
What behaviour management strategies do you use?Massey Child Care Centre has a strong belief in social and emotional intelligence which is directly related to managing children's behaviour. You are welcome to ask to see any of our policies or reports.
What qualifications do your teachers have?Over 90% of our teaching staff are qualified, certified Early Childhood teachers. The others, are teachers in training.
Am I able to visit before deciding to enrol?Yes, we strongly encourage you to.