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History and Philosophy

Massey Child Care Centre was established in the early 1970’s by a group of women who wanted to further their education and lobbied to set up a child care facility at Massey University in Palmerston North. They were given a couple of rooms to do so, and as interest has grown over the years, so has the centre.

Massey Child Care Centre now has two purpose built centres in Albany and Palmerston North, with approximately 40 staff, and the facilities to care for up to 190 children (across both centres).

What We Believe

Massey Child Care Centre provides innovative education and care programmes for children and families of Massey University and wider community. Children experience an inclusive environment where their cultural heritage is respected, acknowledged and represented.

The individual needs of the children and their families are integral to the centre’s programme, and we believe in promoting a child’s holistic development through an atmosphere of security and understanding.

Spaces For Enquiry

The educational programme does not happen in the environment; rather, the environment is the programme.
- Jim Greenman & Anne Stonehouse (Prime Time, 1997)

Our learning environment reflects our identity and is enriched by the dual culture of Tiriti o Waitangi. We have put careful thought into creating natural and comfortable indoor spaces where children and teachers can reflect quietly and calmly. Our teachers foster a fair and safe environment through consistent and equitable practices.

Nature Corridors

Our Nature Corridors were developed as a space where children, teachers and parents can interact in a natural world that reflects the identity of Aotearoa, New Zealand and the Manawatu.

These corridors are outdoor spaces with NZ flora, native birds, and water features that reflect the Manawatu River. They are peaceful, relaxing and green; providing a place for reflection, as well as the exploration of a living environment.

At the moment these corridors are only established at the Palmerston North centre, however there are plans to develop them in Albany soon.

Core Values

These lie at the heart of our organisation and will be used to guide all aspects of our Centre.

RELATIONSHIPS – we aspire all of our relationships to be Connected, Engaged, Intentional, Respectful, Reciprocal and of Value

KNOWLEDGE – we aspire to Growing future citizens, Capacity building, Innovation and Research

EXCELLENCE- we aspire to lead and teach with Honour, Commitment, Integrity to self, and Integrity to Massey Child Care Centre

ENTHUSIASM – we aspire to bring our Passion, ‘A’ Game, Belief and Loyalty as active participants to find the magic every day.